Last week I went to Shanghai for the second time. My first time was in last year. This time, traveling without a plan gave me incredible flexibility. I went to discover something nice in Jing An Temple area and Wu Kang Road; coffee cafes in little alley, restaurants, department stores, community malls, everything was absolutely awesome!

I ended up my lunch with Subway and a cup of Cappuccino at the Bund. The atmosphere was very hilarious, cool breeze !.

Talk about this trip, I would say do not underestimate winter weather in Shanghai; windy, rainy and humid. To be honest, it was such a damn cold trip for me!

Talk about the city, I have no wonder why everyone loves Shanghai. For me, I love their heritage historic buildings such as neoclassical architecture, Russo-Chinese, classic French…etc. There’s nothing quite like we’re watching the history in nineteenth century. I absolutely love this city!






Back to travelling without a plan, there are so many things to be learned from this trip. I try new things, travel is exciting. Before I came to Shanghai, I made an outline but however I changed my plan after I met my sister (from different parent lol) and her Thai friends. I really want to say “Thank you” to P’Pae, P’Mange and P’Kit for taking me to find great places and made me feel like I experienced a place like a local.

My breakfast in Sunday at convenient store “Family Mart”
A new coffee shop opened near my friend’s house, lao ban’s so nice to us.
I found something nice at Ferguson Lane.

After travelling, I learned a lot of new things. I started to realise those unexpected and unplanned things or situations that add spice to my trip and turn into the best parts of my journey later.

Super tasty ice-cream, I absolutely love it ! 20RMB for scoop and 30RMB for 2 scoops. Salted caramel flavour is  recommended, but me, I prefered Raspberry flavour.

Ps I. You know there’s sooooooooo many Thai restaurants in Shanghai.

Ps II. If you want to eat 麻辣烫, Please leave your designer handbags at home. Trust me!


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