Welcome Back ! 

I finally back to diary for the first time in six months. What a six months! it’s been really busy. I’ve been very very busy with work but I’m quite alright, I am the kind of girl that needs to keep busy. Once I put my mind to something, I work my ass off until it’s finished or achieve my goal. Even it was tough going, but thankfully our team love challenge.

Well, I love Sunday ! I need to work on Saturday for two weeks in a month, not really ! actually I also have to work on Sunday at home, it was okay for me, better than nothing to do. Back to Sunday, I love Sundays. Sundays were my “day of rest”. At least, sort of. I’d spend Sundays doing everything I want to do. Sometimes, I’d find myself absorbed more in my projects, I found passion is my energy. Doing this over the last 6 months has been mentally and physically exhausting, but what keeps me going is my newfound passions and belief. I don’t even care what is going to happen next to us, I still believe in us, believe that we can do it and we are the best team ever and ever.

If you can find something you love doing – as in, something you don’t mind doing, yet something you literally jump out of bed in the morning for – then that’s what’s going to make you feel that passion and give you the energy you need to be the success you want, and deserve, to be.


Sunday was also my chance to catch up with the news. Today I read the post in Pantip about the education system in Thailand, and sure there are lots of comments on the controversy. In my opinion, the most important is not the university’s ranking but the education system. Thailand needs to change the education system. Regardless of rich or poor, everyone has the right to education. The importance of great education is how do we get the children recognise the value of education.

Go to school, but go for the right reasons. Education isn’t a gun held to your head but it’s a weapon in your hands. Go to school not because you’re afraid of not getting a job but go because you love to learn, because you’re excited by ideas, because you believe that education is important for its own sake. Cram yourself with words, figures and ideas, because that’s the one thing they can never take away from you.


Well, I hope you everyone gets where you’re going, and be happy when you do. Happy Sunday !


Phoebe Hung